I just wanted to say thank you!!! I rescued my puppy when she was 3 1/2 months old and she is 10 months old now and I do not even have time to tell you how much money I have spent on her trying to get her healthy. It was one skin issue after another, stomach issues and bowel issues. I went through so many different types of foods / grain free foods which helped her skin but not her bowel movements and they all left her SO gassy, it was HORRIBLE! Literally on my LAST attempt to try a different food the guy at MB Pet Salon recommend PureVita. I am not even lying when I say that after the 1st day I noticed a HUGE difference. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and her skin is great, she is pooping like a normal dog for the first time in her life! I haven't smelt her pass gas since we switched! Finding your food made my life with my dog 10 times easier! Thank you again!!

San Diego, CA
I have a 6 month old Lab/Mastiff mix with a very sensitive stomach, and is a picky eater. We tried mixing small amounts of canned food with the kibble, but his stomach issues persisted. We tried many other brands. Then a friend recommended PureVita and he loved it! It was the first dry kibble he ate without coaxing or mixing with canned food. The results have been amazing! No more gas, no more messy stools. I purchased my first "2nd" bag of dog food for him and couldn't be happier. Your product is superb.

Visalia, CA
Until I started feeding my puppy PureVita his stools were loose. I am "extremely" happy that is no longer the case! The change was immediate and he loves the food! Thank you so much for a great product!

Campbell, CA
I tried your PureVita dog food for my puppy which had severe Knuckling. I had read about it online and it was suggested by someone that raised large dogs. My puppy has only been on it for one week and I have seen a dramatic improvement. No more knuckling! I was extremely impressed

Schuylerville, NY
I wanted to express my appreciation for the quality of your products. Since trying samples of your food I have switched all of my pets to PureVita. I've also had good success with NutriSource, but everyone seems to be doing best eating their own variety of the PureVita. My kitchen looks like a showroom with Grain Free Turkey (dog and cat), Grain Free Bison (dog), and Chicken and Rice (dog) all lined up for feeding times. The cats tend to have sensitive stomachs and each of my dogs seems to have an allergy to something, but I've found a happy balance in our current arrangement. Thanks for producing top-notch pet foods. Supporting family businesses is important to me. I prefer to shop at independents and buying your food is working for us! Thank you!

Portland, OR
I have two cats. One is Twinkie (almost 6 yrs. old) and the other is Jessi (almost 4 yrs. old). They ate a different brans until about 3 months ago. Twinkie threw up at times, so I asked an employee at Jay Mar Pet Store what she recommended for a change. She recommend PureVita. My cats both love it and Twinkie hasn't thrown up since I started them on PureVita. I wanted to share our good news.

Plover, WI
My six year old Chihuahua/pug Charlie is a rescue dog, and when I adopted him, he was emaciated and had no hair on his neck and underside of his body...the rest of his fur was thin and fell out easily due to his life time of poor nutrition. He also came to me with a burn scar on his back where someone had burned him with a car lighter. I tried him on different foods to try and get him to grow some hair and some muscle (because even after he gained his weight back, he was still a gangly awkward thing) and nothing ever worked. He did poorly on other brands and actually lost hair. Then I started him on PureVita a year ago and I am absolutely amazed! Charlie bulked up to look like a Chihuahua/pug should, and he grew all of his missing hair back. Even over his burn scar! He looks so healthy and has so much more energy now that I couldn't be happier! I've since started my three cats on the NutriSource cat food and I am amazed how much better they are doing on it. Thank you so much, you have a customer for life!!

Browns Valley, MN
My 3 year old dog is on her 2nd bag of your food. I have always given her good food (supposedly). After being on PureVita Salmon for about 2 weeks, she stopped losing her fur. The vets said it was normal shedding but when rubbing her back you come away with a handful. Even though her coat is short, it's a pain to always be cleaning up after her. When she shook you could see all the hair flying. Now, there is no hair loss and no shedding. It's a blessing. It was driving me crazy. Thanks so much for this wonderful product.

Carlbad, CA
I have a 12 year old Yorkie who has Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Since finding PureVita Bison Grain Free dog food my Yorkie has been completely cured. My dog was on a different brand and it did not help. After trying many other brands, PureVita is the one that has worked fantastically.

Pittsburgh, PA
Hello I have a two year old German shepherd that has very bad food allergy problems. She has itching, ear infections, anal gland infections and red raw paws. After two years of buying just about every dog food in every store, a clerk at pet food express suggested pur vita salmon and pea entree. After only a few weeks on your food her symptoms got better. Now four months later she is about 80 percent better even though her vet said it may take up to a year once we found the food her body can handle. I am so grateful to you and your company. She looks so healthy now and she has so much energy too.

Thank you for a wonderful cat food product. We have 3 cats one who is older a rescue. She used to barf on a daily basis now it's only periodically. All our cats have shinny soft coats too. The other thing we do is buy your product thru a small business owner out of Carson City NV. Which then get a free bag after buying 13.…another plus

Marie P.
I have an aging (rescue) cat, Bengal Manx. He has always only eaten a Meow Mix. He wouldn't eat canned cat food only cooked chicken or turkey as a treat. Because Eve is getting so skinny and went to the local feed store and they gave me a sample bag of your pure vita duck with red lentils. I brought it home and my cat gobbled it down. He's been eating it for a week at already I can feel his backbone is not so bony. The strange thing is my other cat who is not skinny sticks with the meow mix and doesn't eat the expensive stuff. I thank you and my cat Scoots thanks you for a very tempting product Feline wise

Linda L.
I just wanted to reach out to you guys to say thank you. My 7 year old lab mix suffers from hip displasyia and before I started giving him your hip and joint treats he was a totally different dog. Emmitt used to just sit around, ocassionally play with a tennis ball or toy. Now, he gets a few of your treats a day and he has so much more energy, he's a happy all the time, we hardly ever see him just laying around. He's always up and playing and seems to be like a completely different dog. Not to mention, his coat is so shinny! He loves Pure Vita treats and gets so excited when he sees me grab the bag. I would recommend these treats to anyone. Just wanted to reach out to say thank you for giving my dog some life back!

I cannot believe how amazing your grain free food is! I received a rescue Shepard about 3 months ago. His coat was dry, dull, ribs were showing, he was a mess! I gave him nothing but your food and he is super shiny, soft and filled out!!! I will never give him anything but your food! He looks amazing!!! Thank you for such a great product!

Dear folks at Pure Vita, Thank you for your Salmon Pea dog food!!! Our Frenchie is 5 years old and after 3 weeks on your dog food she is like a puppy again! She has suffered with food allergies and had been on a different brand of salmon dog food but she was lethargic and seemed depressed for the last 2 years. We missed our happy girl. I changed her food to Pure Vita and she is her happy, energetic self again. Thank you, thank you!

Deb B.
Approximately 3 months ago we started feeding our adult Shih Tzu your small dog/puppy food. We had a hard time finding a dry food she would eat. When we gave her this she loved it. The change in her is amazing! Her energy is crazy, she’s acting like a puppy and her coat is gorgeous! I just wanted to share this with you and let you know how happy we are with it! I now have to see if they also sell your brand in cat food. I want to switch my cat to it.

Mary F.
5 hours after a parvo lepto shot my dog started vomiting and having grand mal seizures. I was feeding him very healthy at the time of the shot and he developed allergies to everything I was feeding him, including chicken, so it has been difficult to find a kibble that he can eat. I wanted to express my thanks for creating a dog food without chicken! My puppy loves it so much that he paws at the bag, after being fed, begging for more. He gets so excited when it's time to eat. Our life has felt like we were living in hell dealing with many seizures the last year while trying to get the metals out of his brain and spinal cord so it brings great joy to see our dog smile and get so excited for his Pure Vita Beef and Red Lentils!

Super happy I found this food...Duck and Green Lentil...Have a 20 month GSD that was always scratching and itching....and not eating...now...no scratching and she loves this food...Please don’t change the formula...spent a fortune at the vet...monthly allerg shots..etc...and was on Fromm...Taste of the Wild..and many other good quality foods which have Chicken...chicken meal...chicken fat. Thank you again

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