Quality is our primary concern before, during, and after production of our pet foods. Quality systems are in place to ensure finished pet foods are wholesome, nutritious, and safe. Our facility is certified to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. NutriSource® Pet Foods carefully examines the ingredients used in its products. Finished products are tested to verify that the food meets formulation specifications including: the guaranteed analysis stated on each package, nutritional requirements, and palatability.

Premium ingredients are required to produce premium products. We are committed to using only quality ingredients. Testing begins with ingredients. All goods are purchased only from approved suppliers who have agreed to supply ingredients that meet predetermined specifications. As each lot arrives at the plant, samples are taken before acceptance of the lot. Materials are tested by Tuffy’s Pet Foods internal Ingredient Testing Frequency protocol to confirm ingredients meet the specifications for key nutrients, free from foreign material, and do not contain known toxins. After testing confirms the ingredient meets the established criteria, it is accepted.

Multiple samples are taken from every production run for analysis by the internal laboratory. Various tests are performed to verify the product meets specifications. After the testing is completed and the product meets requirements, it is approved for packaging.

Pet Appeal Trials: Yes, we test our products using companion animals; primarily for acceptability and appeal. We want to know that pets do find our products highly palatable. This is accomplished through the services of a highly reputable, professional kennel. We test our products against benchmark standards to make sure our products meet our high expectations for palatability.

Yes, our products are tested. We test the ingredients and the finished products to make sure they meet specifications. We test our products to validate pets find NutriSource® Pet Foods highly palatable, wholesome, and nutritious.

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