Meet Colin Redding

I am a Territory Sales Manager for Arizona and New Mexico.

Having grown up inside the walls of a family gourmet chocolate business I enjoy being an advocate for small business and buying local. I’m driven to share my veneration for animals both domestically as pets and for the humane treatment of animals we raise commercially for food production. I love independent family business that tells stories filled with transparency and honesty over poetic marketing. In the end it’s the bonds I’ve nurtured between brands, people and their pets that make me love what I do.

My pets include: From eldest to youngest we have Murray the obstinate Boston terrier, Winston the curmudgeon Poodle and Lulu the happiest little 4lb wonder dog Chihuahua. Lastly, the queen of the household is the very vocal Deuce the Maine Coon mix.

I enjoy cooking, writing, hiking and catching up on reading something that’s not stored on an electronic device.

I believe in all of our products, just depends on what your canine or feline needs.

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